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A Word for Webmasters

You go around discussing a client's internet aspirations. You suggest a way to go. It showcases your skillsets. The prospect is impressed and wants to become a client. You fax your standard agreement. You never hear from him again.

The problem is that when you hung up the phone, the client's world continued turning. Not just interruptions, but alternate options surfaced regarding his internet presence. Things you could have dealt with, but you were not yet part of the picture.

By the time the problem is yet again redefined, another web designer is part of the picture.

The key is to close the deal at the moment the prospect is ready, not one minute later. Custom Bid  is how you can do that.

As you sense that the decision is immanent, you ask the prospect for a teleconference, one that includes employees, associates, and any other decision maker. These people are often in several locations, which is what adds to the delay of shuffling bid faxes around to everyone.

But you have a better idea. You direct everyone in the teleconference to point their browser at your online bid. This can be after work with some of the people at home. All of you discuss the proposal on the table, and as they raise concerns, you update your bid during the teleconference. "Hit the refresh button on your browser," you say. "Mr. Jones, is this what you meant?"

Without the rounds of iterations that plague your competitors in these last crucial hours, you can ask everyone, "Is this what we should do?". After everyone agrees to what is written, which is so much better than what was said, you ask, "Do you want me to get started right away?"

"Then take care of the payment info at the bottom of the form for the downpayment," you reply, "and I'll get started right after we hang up."

Unlike your competitors, you can walk the prospect all the way to the Submit button. Just as impressive, you are demonstrating what you are proposing to your client, to put the internet to work.

When you hang up, you have money in the bank, a new client, and you can go to work.

And if your client needs a custom bidding system as part of what you are building, use the tested, off-the-shelf solution. Use Custom Bid  and get your margin for doing so.

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