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A Word for Repair Facility Managers

You're look over a computer or a car left for repair, and now that you have it open, you know what is wrong and what to do about it. You call the customer and after a round or two of voice mail and phone tag, get an OK to proceed. The customer comes to pick up their computer or car, and there is a misunderstanding about who said what to whom. You have nothing in writing besides the original authorization to look into the problem.

Custom Bid  has a better way.

With Custom Bid, you take the customer's email address when they leave the computer or car. When you finish your analysis, you email them a courtesy status update. It includes a link to an online form that spells out what needs to be done and how much it will cost to proceed. If they want their computer or car fixed, they plunk down their credit card right then.

You get email saying you got money. You get to work. Customers pick up their computers or cars without arguments or compromises on your part.

Custom Bid  lets you say "No" to voice mail, phone tag, and misunderstandings. Custom Bid  lets you say "Yes" to getting paid.

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